Recent Courses

Clare Haddow Occupational Health Specialists Course Feedback

Working Beyond 60 Workshop

older worker

  • “All useful info to help me make an informed decision. Good balance of presentation and opportunities for questions”
  • “Good information in general; made me rethink staying in work rather than stopping at 60”
  • “You have covered what I hoped you would cover; very useful handouts”
  • “More reasons to keep working but on my terms”
  • “Really useful information on a range of concerns about choices available. I appreciate that balance of well-being and factual/financial discussions. Thank you.”
  • “I have been made aware of the many options for working after retirement age”
  • “More positive ideas for approaching retirement like doing something new and work-life balance”

Managing Workplace Stress & Stress Awareness Course

  • “Good refresher – useful to take the time to think the subject thoroughly”
  • “Increased awareness of signs of stress & legal awareness”
  • “Practised and balanced perspective of the issue”
  • “Very helpful, useful for personal life and work life”
  • “Culture needs to change within company to encourage openness”
  • “Reminder of how good it is to do some relaxation ‘work’ in 10mins at the end”
  • “Learning what areas I need to improve”
  • “Awareness of causes and some ideas for managing stress effectively”
  • “I’ve learnt that an employer has to help out an employee legally”
  • “I wanted to understand better about the legal aspects”
  • “Good discussion bits, chance to talk through stress related issues as a team”
  • “Understand more of the factors that can lead to stress”
  • “Far better understanding of stress signs”
  • “ I know that I am stressed and I can do something about it”
  • “Information on legal duties”

Display Screen Assessors Course

  • “Position of Chair is critical”
  • “Everything on desk must be within reach”
  • “How important DSE is”
  • “How much improvement there could be”
  • “Happier workers”
  • “Learning the importance of good posture / seat position”
  • “Awareness of importance of screen position”
  • “Aware of importance of DSE assessor”
  • “Very good”
  • “Equipment position awareness and seat position / footrest”
  • “ I think content was just right”