Occupational Health Services

We are now offering individual employee occupational health telephone Covid-19 risk assessments.  For more information please email us at [email protected]

COVID-19 Update

A lot has happened in the last few months since lookdown was announced. We at Clare Haddow Occupational Health Specialists have continued to work remotely trying to ensure we offer our existing and new clients the ongoing occupational health support and advice that they require in order to support their businesses’ requirements at this time.

We continue to offer occupational health telephone consultations and paper assessments remotely although we have been unable to offer site visits due to the COVID-19 situation. 

As UK businesses slowly start learning how to operate in the new ‘norm’, with social distancing and COVID-19 secure measures in their workplaces, we too are hoping (depending on our risk assessments) to start offering workplace visits from July 2020.  It is early days in all of our journeys with managing COVID -19, and unfortunately the reality is the virus is going to be with us for some time yet.  We will continue to stay alert at these times and work to the standards required of occupational health.

Best wishes from all the team at CHOHS Ltd (OH Nurses- Clare, Esther, Susanne, Anita, Sandra, Vickie and our Admin team Louise, Amanda and Lorna)

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“We are a IMG_3059small Bristol based team committed to providing a quality service to our customers that enables them to deal with occupational health issues. We recognise that occupational health can be an unexpected cost for small to medium sized businesses and we aim to give value for money.”
– Clare Haddow, SCPHN-OH