I have worked with many OH providers in my career, external and in-house and none have been as pragmatic and supportive as the service I have seen since working with your team. The approach and discussions are measured, supportive of both the needs of the employee and the business and the quality of the reports I have seen are fantastic.

Zoe Marlow, HR Business Partner, Multivac

I have worked with Clare and her team for about 3 years.  Having worked with a number of other Occupational Health providers throughout my 15 year HR career I can honestly say CHOHS provide the best reports I have ever seen.  Clare and her team provide comprehensive, yet straight talking reports with clear guidance and advice on what support employers should provide for their employees.  They also understand the operational impact absence has on organisations so they are comfortable in advising the best course of action, of course with support from your HR partner.  I would not hesitate to recommend Clare and her team, in fact I have done so twice this week already.

Lisa Sourbutts, Managing Director, CUBE HR


ecosurety have worked with Clare Haddow for the last year.  Clare has provided invaluable service in enabling us as a business to provide excellent support and care in relation to long term sickness.  We have worked directly with Clare from a business perspective and also on a one to one employee basis.

I would highly recommend Clare to any business.

HR Manager J Smith

We have utilised the services of Clare Haddow for numerous years across both sites and found the level of services provided to be professional, efficient and reliable.

Understanding the causes of absence is the biggest problem for managers and this is where Clare has made the greatest impact on our organisation. Supporting the rehabilitation of employees with long-term health problems while understanding the demands of the manufacturing business.

The advice and guidance offered has been proactive to both the employee and company especially regarding complex absence cases concerning DDA.

I would recommend Clare Haddow as a cost effective solution to any business.

HR Manager A White

We receive support and practical advice that fits our business needs from professional and friendly specialists. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend CHOHS Ltd to any other business. They are big enough to offer the support we require, but small enough to care about their clients.

Esther Donadio, AGD Systems Limited

We have sought advice from Clare Haddow Occupational Health Specialists to include post-op return to work, long term sick and age related reviews. Each contact has received a prompt, professional service from friendly, polite, qualified personnel.  I would highly recommend Clare Haddow OHS.

Clare Haddow, our Occupational Advisor is an asset to our Company. The impact is felt by this facility on our absence levels, home visits and the speedy return to work for employees. The confidential advice given to all levels and on site monthly visits has been very supportive.

Clare Haddow has run a number of successful Stress Management workshops for ATL (The Association of Teachers and Lecturers), one of the three major teacher unions. The practical approach of these workshops, supported by the depth of Clare’s research, has been popular with our members whether experiencing stress themselves or wanting to help others in their workplace.

Secretary, ATL Bath and NE Somerset

The service we received from Clare was independent advice for one of our employee’s who had been suffering discomfort in his right hand which made use of a computer difficult. The advice, which extended to employment legislation and health considerations, was provided professionally in a clear and helpful way, mindful of our circumstances as a small business, and moreover and importantly mindful of our employee’s circumstances. The advice has been followed and the discomfort has been fully relieved, to our mutual benefit. I have no hesitation in highly recommending CHOHS Ltd.

Mark Taylor – Principal, Beech Tyldesley

I write on behalf of this organisation to recommend the service provided by Clare Haddow Occupational Health Service (CHOHS Ltd). We have 160 employees, providing care for the elderly residents, day centre clients and service users in the community. We have used CHOHS Ltd for several years and invariably find the advice, guidance and interventions for our referrals to be courteous, prompt, professional, sensitive and well-informed.

Margaret Greaves – General Manager, Horsfall House

We have been working with Clare for over 7years & she has been worth her weight in gold! Our problems have concerned staff with long-term illnesses causing performance &/or absence issues. Clare is able to discuss the medical issues with members of staff as they feel more comfortable talking to an independent professional and she is able to liaise with their doctor/consultant in a way that we cannot because she understands what’s involved & the implications of the condition. Consequently, we have sound advice & support from her in developing a strategy to resolve the problem, making the process far less stressful for the employee & managers involved. Clare Haddow is always professional, reliable, friendly & approachable & we are more than happy to recommend her.

Managing Director, Kitchens (Catering Utensils) Ltd

Clare Haddow is a skilled and knowledgeable occupational health professional. In addition to routine testing, Clare gives us information and advice on a wide variety of medical conditions and their implications. She liaises with our employees and their Doctors/Specialists to assist a return to work, enable an employee to stay at work, or discuss cases of frequent short-term absence. Clare helps Multivac to be aware of and comply with our obligations and legal responsibilities in the important area of occupational health.

HR Manager, Multivac UK Ltd

I have worked with CHOHS Ltd for many years now and have been entirely satisfied with the services they provide.  Our staff have always found the involvement of CHOHS Ltd a positive experience and have appreciated the support and guidance given to them.   CHOHS Ltd is able to obtain access to an individual’s medical information via the relevant medical professionals which is then used to advise and inform the return to work plan.  As an employer, we have found that early interventions in long term sickness cases reduces the amount of time off work and facilitates the return to work process.  We are convinced that the engagement of CHOHS Ltd has had a positive impact on the morale and welfare of our staff.

Vicki Przytocki – Head of HR & Communications, Radstock Co-operative Society