Royal College of Nurses

Clare Haddow was a guest speaker at the Royal College of Nurses – Occupational Health Nurses Group – Southwest (RCN OHN Group SW) study day, titled ‘Occupational Health: A developing service’ on 1st October 2009 at Oake Manor Golf Club. She gave a presentation on ‘Managing Sickness Absence’, reflecting on her work with Radstock Co-operative Society. Clare received positive evaluation for her contribution to the study day, praised for how beneficial her talk was for fellow Occupational Health Professionals.

New Offices

Clare Haddow Occupational Health Specialists relocated to our new Bristol offices in May, enabling us to expand upon the range of services we offer to our clients.

FSB Annual Conference

Clare Haddow of CHOHS Ltd attended the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Annual Conference at the Celtic Manor in Newport on 20th March 2009. She was on the panel in the Seminar- Dispelling Health and Safety Myths.

Left to right: Mary Boughton (Chair) Clare Haddow (OH Specialist, CHOHS Ltd ) and Don Garman, Managing Director (Safety Services Group).

Radstock Co-operative Society

The Radstock Co-operative Society was short listed for the Occupational Health Rehabilitation award. CHOHS Ltd is their occupational health provider.

Left to right: Sheri Smart (HR & Training Adviser) Vicki Przytocki (Head of HR) and Clare Haddow (OH Specialist, CHOHS Ltd) December 2007

The judge Judith Howard-Rees commented that:

“This is an example of employer leadership and use of an independent OH nurse consultant. It emphasises the specialist OH expertise used to create the vital link between NHS services and the employer’s duty of care within the commercial setting, benefiting both the employee and the organisation.”

Spring clean ….and cut sickies

Clare Haddow was asked by Daltons Business magazine to write a piece for their magazine below is an extract written by Clare Haddow from their article ‘Spring clean ….and cut sickies’:

“To help prevent repetitive strain injury when using your computer, check your phone, mouse, screen and keyboard are all positioned correctly. Making sure you office chairs are comfortable, support the back properly and are set at the right height for the worker is crucial in helping prevent muscular skeletal problems. Although it may not make you popular, Clare Haddow also recommends putting rubbish pins and printers a short distance from desks. This will encourage staff to stretch their muscles during the working day.”